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The Vibe Tribe is pleased to invite you to join us and bathe in the Universal Energy of Healing Vibration & Sound

We are excited to announce our new venue, for group sound baths, located at the Pyramid Arts Centre in the Cultural Quarter in Warrington on the ground floor in the spacious studio theatre.

Please read carefully especially if you are joining us for the first time at the Pyramid or if this is your first Sound Bath. Discounts are available for group booking of more than 3 please contact us for more information.

Sessions will be held weekly excluding bank holidays.
Doors open at approximately 7.15 pm and close at 7.30 pm.

A sound bath is a restorative and meditative experience, gongs Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and various instruments are played to produce sound frequency which can heal and restore the natural internal frequency of the human body aiding optimal health and balance.

We also cater to corporate & private sessions, available on request.

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Attendance Information

You will find it more comfortable to lay down. Please bring:

  • Yoga mat (available to hire please book in advance)
  • A throw/sleeping bag and cushion for your warmth and comfort.
  • An eye mask (optional), a crystal if you wish to receive additional healing energies
  • A bottle of water to help ground yourself after the event.

Then remove all expectations and enjoy the experience.

🧡 It is perfectly normal to experience feelings of heightened emotions, flashes of colour, sensations of floating and tingling sensations during a sound bath 🧡


  • Sound Baths are not recommended for those in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. If you are pregnant or undergoing IVF, please do reach out to discuss before the event.
  • If you have Tinnitus, you may wish to lay further back from the Gongs, that said the Gongs are not played too loudly to cause discomfort to the ears.
  • Sound Baths are not suitable if you have Epilepsy, Brain Stint or Pacemaker. If you feel unwell, please do not attend the Sound Bath.
  • Sound Baths are not considered suitable for those under 12 please reach out to discuss if you are unsure.

If you need further guidance on sound baths please visit our Facebook page or alternatively contact Linda 07757 405 821

Vibe Tribe offers a complementary therapy that can be used to aid wellness; however, it is not a replacement for proven treatments or medications prescribed. Linda Hilditch BSc (Hons) is a qualified sound practitioner and is a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the National Counselling Society, and the National Hypnotherapy Society and has worked with individuals and groups for the past decade inspiring people to achieve wellness and balance.

Common potentials of a Sound Bath
• Reduced Stress
• Reduction of symptoms of anxiety
• Better sleep (one of the most cited Benefits)
• Improved focus
• Feelings of deep peace
• Released emotional blockages
• Mental clarity
• Creative insights
• Physical restoration
• Improved mood
• Reduce pain
• Aids meditation
• Balance